Saturday, 30 August 2014

Upcoming short courses October 2014

We are in full preparation of the short courses to be offered this year and we will be presenting the outline of the courses to be delivered and work shops to be organised shortly. The content and level of the short courses is based on the survey done in connection with our workshop the Modern Reseaerch Library and with the follow up web/e-mail intreviews.

In October 2014 two short courses will be offered by SSLIS: Basic Technology for Digital Librarians and  Basic Management Issues (the names might be changed, though). They will be consisting of around 3-4 half days  and 1-2 full days with possible extra seminars and assignments to send in after. Assignments must be completed for the participants to get any proof of participation and it is our wish for all of you to be able to practically work with the skills just gained, in order to build upon your capacity and experience.

We are also analysing and planning for another training session with BTH, and its content will be announced here as well.

Congratulations and welcome back with applications

After the University of Rwanda selection process two of the applicants for the Masters Programme Digital Libraries and Information Services have successfully been admitted to the University of Borås. Congratulations!

We had many applicants and are happy to announce that there will be a new call in the beginning of 2015. Welcome back with your applications and better luck next time.

For those of you in Kigali -- the Swedish team leader is here until Wednesday 3rd of September. Please feel free to contact me.

/Veronica Trépagny, SSLIS team leader