Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From 24th to 27th March 2015 Short course for "Costumer support" and "Education" at Nobleza

From 24th to 27th March 2015 at Nobleza Hotel (Kigali), Under the Library UR-Sweden Sub Program, in collaboration with the Swedish School of Library and Information Services, the Library is organizing a four days Short course for "Costumer support" and "Education" for Librarian who will be working within the areas of customer support and education. Please note that no matter which area Librarians are working with, consideration of the libraries’ users is always necessary.

Directors, please name two(2) librarians who will participate in this short course. please take this as an urgent matter. we have to prepare the invitation accordingly and the time is pressing.

Please note that the short course is to be held next week.


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Why not a Rwanda Library Association?

As library and information professionals, librarians and library assistants at the University of Rwanda are not the only ones working within the field. And you are not the only ones with questions regarding your profession, your fields of work, or that at times are in need of advice. You most certainly have experience that is of interest for others and worth sharing.

With a nation wide library association, you would have a forum for comunication and cooperation, you would have the possibility to talk with stakeholders and decision makers, share information and promote the development of your profession as well as of information and communication within the country.

In Kenya, the Kenya Association of  Library and Information Professionals (former KLA, Kenya Library Association), has been supported by the Swedish Library Association in buildning it up and making it a stronger actor. If you are intested in developing joint initiatives in Rwanda, it might be a good idea to contact them.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Did you see and share the Vacancy Announcement?

University Librarian at the University of Rwanda in Kigali -- Vacancy Announcement Ref: DVC-FA: 0510/2014

Did you see the vacancy announcement for a university librarian at the University of Rwanda? It is still open until the end of the month.

Job title: University Librarian

Report to: Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Library work with users in focus, short course March 24th to 27th

-- prepare your costumer support and education services for it! 

A basic assumption and the starting point for this course is that the library is an organized collection of retrievable documents, which is managed by trained professionals (librarians) who are well-orientated in the collection and can provide access to it – without the librarian, there is no library!

Furthermore, the course is designed on the anticipation that the librarians at the University of Rwanda will be working in different services responsible for specific areas and tasks, for example media, digital services, education, and customer support. 

The course content is specifically aimed at those who will be working within the areas of customer support and education. It should be stated, however, that no matter which area you are working with, consideration of the libraries’ users is always necessary. 


Impressions from job shadowing in Sweden

Béatrice Niragire visited Sweden two weeks in February together with Daton Ngilinshuti for teaching in the master programme in  library and information science that they are admitted to, followed by one week's job shadowing at the University of Borås library. 

Below, Beatrice shares some impressions from her time in Sweden.


Outline of the visit

The first week was devoted to the Digitizing Culture Heritage Material Course as planned in the master's program and the second week was scheduled for Job Shadowing. The objective of this Job shadowing was to exchange and learn from the librarians of Boras University Library.

Job shadowing

The job shadowing was organized in meeting sessions according to the library services and
functions. The library of Boras operates through four main functions:

• Customer services
• Collection services
• Education
• Digital services


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Reminder UR-Sweden, team, blog

The UR-Sweden library sub-programme is here for the benefit of the whole of the university libraries within the University of Rwanda (UR). This is why any activity carried within the cooperation should be known by the UR library community and their results shared for its development and capacity building.

For this reason, we are making room for reports from job shadowing here on the blog. And for this reason, the team of library directors will be invited to team meetings online. Additionally, we wish to create other ways of communicating with the rest of the librarians within the UR, like by the help of an e-mail list. More information on this will be shared shortly.

/Veronica Trépagny

Monday, 2 March 2015

Evaluation of the cascading workshop in Busogo

The first of the cascading workshops is over. We who facilitated were very impressed by the participants. They worked hard during the three days, asked good questions and were participating actively - just the way you want participants to act. Thank you!

We got very many positive responses to the questions in the evaluation of the workshop.
One of the questions was:
Please specify what you think you will do differently as a result of participating in the event.
And here are some of the answers: